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We are writing this blog as a way to gather “lessons” and examples that can be taught as we traverse the globe. The Mr is a student (almost finished) of seminary where he is studying the Old and the New Testament and how the Greek and Hebrew texts open our eyes to deeper and thoughtful meaning for the original text. One word in the Bible can speak volumes of truth. Let me give you an example of a word that we are studying: hesed (or chesed). In our vernacular this Hebrew word means mercy. When it is in reference to the Lord it is kindness, love, long suffering… Don’t let this little word fool you it is as deep and wide as God’s love for us. The word hesed can be used by someone calling for the Lord to bless others. These blessings are used in 2 Samuel 9:1-13 where David seeks to bless someone in Saul’s household. It is clear that all blessings come from the Lord.

You will find hesed with God’s people in Egypt and again in the wilderness (Exodus 20:6). You will see two women who have nothing; in gleaning they receive hesed (Ruth 2:20). The one who was pierced for our sins reaches into each life as our high priest to offer mercy and blessing — hesed. (Hebrews 4:16.) So let us then look deeper word by word into God’s magnificent Word. May the Lord bless you with loving kindness as you see “hesed” in so many places.

Author: gofishuganda

Children in Uganda named us Mr and Mrs Fish - it fits. Fishing (with the gospel) for children of all ages is our joy. God's Word is living and beautiful. We hope that you can find beautiful truth here on our blog. Each bit of truth is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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